About Us


A family game was where it all began!

The idea for Manic Minute came from a family game we made up at home involving categories written on scraps of paper folded up in a big bowl that we ended up playing every holiday! We had so much fun with it over the years and such great memories of playing with family and friends that at some point the idea to take the game to market was sparked and LujaroGames was born.

What we love about Manic Minute is that it is a very universal game; anyone can play. Younger or less knowledgable players can be given a point bonus where any correct answer they give is always worth a point, regardless of if it is unique. Alternatively if a player consistently scores highly they could start with negative points to allow a more even playing field.

You can play Manic Minute at a dinner party, in a tent or in a classroom! Games can go on for hours, or be as short as a couple of rounds if you only have a few minutes to spare on a busy day.

The more players you have, the more creative you will need to be in order to score highly. Creating your own rules on what is and isn’t allowed and arguing your point forms the essence of the game! Remember anything can change in one Manic Minute.

Thank you!

Ian & Lucy, the father and daughter minds behind Manic Minute!